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An idler-wheel is wheel which serves and then transmit rotation in one shaft to some other, in applications where it is undesirable for connecting them directly. For example, connecting a engine to the platter of a phonograph , or the crankshaft-to-camshaft gear teach of an automóvil.
Since it does no function itself, it really is called an “idler”.
In a belt drive system, idlers can be used to alter the path of the belt, in which a direct path will be impractical.
Las poleas locas también se utilizan a menudo para presionar contra el tronco de un polea in order to increase the wrap angle (and therefore contact region) of a belt against the operating pulleys, increasing the force-transfer capacity.
Belt drive systems commonly incorporate one movable pulley which is springtime- or gravity-loaded to act as a belt tensioner to support stretching of the belt because of temperature or wear. An idler wheel is usually used for this purpose, on order to avoid needing to move the power-transfer shafts.
Idlers that don’t quit. Belt stress that won’t slide. That’s the Ever-power guarantee with this heavy-duty, wear-resistant idler pulleys and sprockets, made to reduce put on, friction, and vibration on your own drive system belts, eventually extending your belt services life.
Idler/Tensioner Pulley; Made out of steel and thermoplastic which provides longer life and superior dampening; Prevents belt slips which eliminates noise; Made with high quality bearings that are manufactured to withstand higher working temperatures; Constructed to make sure OE quality and reliability
Our items are engineered and tested to supply years of trouble free operation. Backed by over 50 years of mobile A/C experience, fix it once and correct it right with Ever-power.
Construido para garantizar la calidad y confiabilidad de OE
Made out of metal and thermoplastic which provides longer life and superior dampening.
Made with high grade bearings that are created to withstand higher operating temperatures.
Evita el deslizamiento de la correa, lo que elimina el ruido.
From A/C compressors to water pumps, Ever-power offers a full range of parts to satisfy a broad selection of application-specific needs. When you install a Murray branded item on your import or household car, vehicle or SUV, you are installing a few of the highest quality parts available in the auto aftermarket – all conference or exceeding the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s specifications.
En Ever-power, ofrecemos diferentes tipos de ruedas locas de alta calidad que pueden satisfacer sus estándares y necesidades.
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